Professional Billiards Association
대한민국을 대표할 글로벌 프로당구투어


PBA CommissionerKim Young Soo

Greetings! I am Kim Young Soo, Commissioner of PBA

  • Thanks to great efforts from day and night for the professionalization, PBA has just took its first step in the billiards history. As the professionalization of billiards was the dream of the billiards players for so many years, it must be a meaningful event.

    As the first commissioner of the PBA, I tell you the vision of the global professional billiards TOUR, PBA: its value as media contents, solid infrastructure, and its potential to break the walls between generations and gender as the "future sports"

    First, I will provide a solid infrastructure for players to be proud billiards players.
    I will discover star players who can be role models just like the orignal major sports athletes, and so that they can achieve successful social status.

    Second, I will contribute to job creation through professional billiards TOUR.
    As it can be seen from the previous examples of professional sports creating new job opportunities, PBA will also contribute to new job creations. PBA will create and sanction the "PBA Teaching Professionals" and make the younger generation dream of becoming a billiards star, just like football and baseball.

  • Third, I will expand and develop the current billiards industry market.
    The current billiards industry market is estimated to be around KRW 2 trillion. With the PBA TOUR in the center, there will be innovations in the equipment market such as the billiards table and the cues. The systematic reorganization of the industry will be the turning point of the billiards industry development.

    Fourth, I will make the "Korean Billiards Wave (Hallyu)."
    PBA TOUR, which strives to become a global TOUR, will move the center of billiards from Europe to Korea, and open the era where players from all over the world wish to pariticipate in the PBA TOUR.

    Last, but not least, I will establish a new billiards culture.
    The recent ban on smoking in billiards clubs, and leading to the cancellation of harmful facilities at schools, contributed to the improvement of billiards image in the society. Active campaigns will be implemented for the correct establishment of the fine billiards culture, including the players' manner and uniform, and even the ambience of the billiards clubs.

    I promise to do my best to make PBA the cornerstone of the development of billiards, and please give a lot of support and advice.